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FinOlex is the largest PVC pipe manufacturer in India. The Pipes division of FinOlex is the first Indian IS/ISO 9002 manufacturer. Production capacity of the Pipes division is 60,000 metric tonnes per annum spread over its two ultra modern plants at Pune and Ratnagiri. Finolex offers a wide range of PVC pipes and fittings, for diverse applications in agriculture, housing, telecom, industry, etc., ranging between 20 mm diameter to 400 mm diameter. Finolex also manufactures speciality pipes and fittings, namely SWR (Soil, Waste and Rain Water) pipes and fittings for construction industry. The Pipes division of Finolex has won the PLEXCONCIL "Top Exporter Award" on five occasions.

The strength of FinOlex lies in its quality products and satisfied customers. Over the years, Finolex has built a very large distribution net work which adds to it's strength. The name "FinOlex" is synonymous with "Quality" not only in India but also with Finolex's international customers.

The range of Pipes and fittings includes :

Selfit uPVC Pipes - The Pipes are manufactured as per IS:4985:1988 in the range of 63 mm to 200 mm diameter in 4 Kg, 6 Kg and 10 Kg/cm2 Pressure Classes.

Ringtite uPVC Pipes - The Pipes are manufactured with an exclusive built-in, dual-contact Rubber Sealing Ring in the range of 160 mm to 400 mm diameter in 2.5 Kg, 4 Kg, 6 Kg/cm2 Pressure Classes conforming to ISO:4422.

Protector Well Casings & Screen - The Pipes are manufactured as per IS:12818:1992 (Amendment No.1:1995) for Shallow Well (upto 80 metres. Depth) and Medium well (upto 250 metres. Depth) in the range of 100 mm to 200 mm diameter for Borewell Applications.

Heavy Pressure Pipes - These Pipes are manufactured in grey and blue colour. The grey pipes are manufactured in 10 Kg and 15 Kg/cm2 Pressure Classes conforming to IS:4985 and Blue threaded pipes are manufactured conforming to ASTM:D1785 in Schedule-40 and Schedule-80 Classes.

Ducting Pipes - The Pipes are manufactured as per Department of Telecommunication (DOT) - India. Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) specification in 50 mm & 110 mm dia in white and grey colour.

SWR Pipes & Fittings - The Pipes and Fittings are manufactured conforming to BS:4514 and DIN:19531/IS: 13592 in sizes 75 mm and 110 mm diameter for the Construction Industry. Finolex SWR System offers a choice of Solvent Cement or Rubber Ring Jointing.

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